Couple of Lapwings Vanellus miles decided that front garden of our neigbours is the best place to raise family...

Note yellow spur on the wing.

[photo of Lapwing]
The nest is pretty simple - just cosy spot between lawn and edge brick.

Both Lapwings agressively defended their territory. 

Gardening became difficult and even dangerous.

Lapwing on the nest
After some wait four eggs were laid while life of local humans continued - cars and people coming and going. [photo - Lapwing eggs]
While one Lapwing sat on the nest, the other supervised neigbourhood. We found him quite often in our porch, probably spending night there. Often he was even knocking on the glass! Was he annoyed by fuzzy mirror image of himself? [photo - Lapwing is koncking on the glass]
First chick arrived in due time, but remaining took couple a days more
Parents had much more difficult time - thay had to look after chicken and after nest with remaining eggs
To get to the best lawn three chickens have to cross the road...
The lawn looks empty, but danger may be everywhere and parents were always looking for problems. As soon as there is anything suspicious, they shift little ones to another front yard.
"Hurry up!"
Any suspected animal - bird, dog or human - is aggresivelly attacked if he is within "home territory"
Children are generally scared of screaming diving bird. We have seen even adults jumping in car and driving away to avoid attention of angry aerobats.
Fast circuit to get in striking position again ... yellow spurs on wings aiming straight ahead.
Time moves on a now, a month later our chicks start to look important. They even flap their wings from time to time...


Last changed: 28.11.2000