10 11 reasons, why plain e-mail is preferable to form based e-mail:

1) Forms deny me use of .sig - I have to retype all my data again by hand, field after field.

2) most forms refuse to send message unless you fill-up numerous fields, most of them unnecessary for task on hand.

3) Forms deny me use of spell checker

4) Forms do not create copy in "sent" subdirectory, if I wish to keep a copy, I have to print to file (not always possible - there were cases when I had to use a few pages of screengrab!)

5) instead of full-page editing I have to squeeze in small window of the form

6) there is no formatting available, some forms do not even do wordwrap. You have little or no control over overall "look and feel" of resulting message - inconvenient, humiliating and not conductive to clear and logic message structure.

7) cut-and-paste from other documents is difficult or impossible with forms.

8) you cannot attach anything to the form (I often attach digital photo to free form mail to clarify my point)

9) With form if browser or ISP connection or OS crashes before message is sent I have to repeat all painfull process again

10) With form you cannot save half finished message and return to it later to finish it or check that it is correct, or to recover your work after PC crash: it lives in RAM only

11)  With form I cannot send a carbon copy to my partner.

As a result of all this forms are

- crude as a tool of expression in comparison with free form e-mail
- cumbersome and inconvenient to use

Last Updated: 16.8.2004