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MatPLC is a PLC-like program for Linux (PLC = Programmable Logic Controller), licensed under the GNU GPL.


fbm intends to provide modular software system for backup of any type of computer stored digital data. Basis of this system is database of all instances of every file. fbm issues copying requests on as needed basis if necessary. Any common storage media can be used.



Renames images in a directory from native filename to name based on date and time of picture. Information about date and time is provided by metacam from data, stored in image. As is pixrename works with images from Finepix 602z, Nikon Coolpix 4300, Canon A200 and stills from Panasonic NV-GS50 camcorder. It should work with many other if they use the same name pattern. Additional ame pattrens can be easily added.

There is a provision in the script do add another descriptor into filename, intended to be used if the same system is used on photos of a few people (or from various cameras) and some earmarking of set of photos is perceived as useful.

There is also a version, which allows addition of fixed offset if camera's clock was set incorrectly.

To test script, create test directory, copy a few images into it and run one level above
pixrename directory_name
Images will be renamed into new patern, e.g. 20021107_095522.jpg

If more than one picture is taken with the same time letters are added after the last digit.

Renaming should be done before images are edited - editing usually remove embedded data about picture.
This format helps  if you are using more than one camera: if internal clock in all of them is set correctly, images tend to sort themselves in the correct order regardles of which camer clicked.
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which has to be installed and available


Creates smaller size image and thumbnail. Name of directory is embedded in filenames thus providing permanent note about general topic. Medium size image is renamed -s, thumbnail -t Original imagefile is left untouched but it is marked  -o and transferred into lower level directory with the same name as parent one. As a last step -t and -s images are used in very simple  html page viewable with browser.

Images can be added to the directory and process repeated, only new ones are processed but html page is created again so any manual changes & commnets will be lost (if any were added since previous processing).

Both -s and -t versions are also suitable for emails.

mkst-wrapper is used to execute mkst on a directory (e.g. in Krusader)
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which has to be installed and available

ver: 8/12/2003