The life with fictional Linux "posedion" diving system:

  1. You can get your fulll Posedion kit free of charge, including plans, parts and tools to build your own hard hat style diving suit Mk 1890 and futuristic deep sea diving submarine.
  2. You will need three different keys to unlock various components of your system
  3. There will be 21 ways how to release air from your BCD, three of them are not working, one of them is unusable in salt water and another two require either screwdriver or size 14 wrench
  4. Most dive shops will not be able to fill your tanks (set to international standards) as they are intentionally set to different - proprietary "My scuba" size - connectors. That is not perceived as serious problem as each posedion kit is delivered with five pocket compressors, one of them driven by small steam engine and other by neat and cute handcrank.
  5. Most diving ancilliary hardware will not work with posedion (reason - see par. 4), unless you spent at least hundred hours remaking interface.
  6. When switching the kit on before dive you will receive from time to time message "as your system was not fully checked during last  15 start-ups full check is enforced". You will have to wait 20+ minutes regardless of your other plans (or tide).
  7. automatic mode of posedion diving computer - latest software ver .999 - will be very safe and extremely reliable but it will offer only a few predetermined dive profiles. If you do not like them, you can flip front cover and set any profile you like by using numerous banks of dip switches
  8. Note: name "posedion" is used as word "poseidon" was already trade marked.

Last Updated:3.7.2003