General background:

I am mechanical engineer and I worked in design office most of my professional life. I am mostly interested in materials handling and processing equipment. This is obvious from the range of projects I was involved in recently.

Apart from mechanical engineering - and that involves pneumatic and hydraulic systems - I have also significant experience in electric and electronic engineering. I was quite often involved with design, implementation and debugging of various processor based control systems and I quite often do programming of PLC or PC systems myself.

During years 1972 - 1983 I was acting as an Engineering Consultant in my free time, mainly in Materials Handling and Storage field. I prepared 15 - 25 reports annually for different Companies. In some cases I prepared complete production drawings as a second stage.

In years 1972 - 1975 I participated on developing of electronic aids for the blind persons in my free time.

My computer skills involve most common software and hardware combinations. I have experience with number of CAD and CAD related packages (DesignCAD, AutoCAD, Cadkey7, AG/CAD etc.). I have an experience with programming of computers (mainly BASIC and PASCAL languages).

While working for Juralco (and to lesser degree during my other positions) I spent significant time with "P.C. Support" duties. Work in MSDOS, DRDOS, Windows, OS/2.2, Geoworks, DESQview environments was involved. Lantastic network system, incl. setting up, security and safety of data procedures. Setting up and upgrading of IBM compatible PCs (solving of memory, interrupt, port conflicts), cache, RAM disks etc. Various peripheral equipment was used: printers, plotters, scanners, magneto optical drives, image converters (video to PC) etc. I have also experience with number of remote access / E-mail systems.

I am authoring Niksar's web site currently (I also use HTML format for most of my personal text based documents).

I worked as a teacher a few times during my career: during my national service in Army I was a teacher in truck/tank mechanic school. Later I taught for two years on specialized high school for engineering technologists in Praha and after arrival to Australia I was working for some time at Marist Brothers School in Sydney.

I found it rewarding but I always returned to engineering again.

I am also in a very unique position as far as a large new market in what were until nineties communist Eastern European states is concerned. My personal contacts allowed me already to organize for my previous employer - Juralco/Ampliform - license manufacture of their product in Prague some time ago. My present position is even stronger as I have very good contacts to financially strong group, interested in diversifying into new areas.


I am able to work from my home office if required. My PC equipment includes numerous e-mail facilities, A4 scanner, 35mm scanner and MO-drive & CD burner based backup system. Operating systems used are DOS, Windows 95 and Unix (Linux).

Personal interests:

  1. Yachting (Austral 24 "Alka" is my current "flag ship")
  2. Travelling & bush walking
  3. Religious philosophy
  4. International politics
  5. History
  6. Biology
  7. Flying (one day, I hope..)

Last Updated: 23.10.2001