Overview of some of my recent projects:

Materials handling system for outfeed of U-section bars from continuously running roll-forming line. (BHP)

This requirement involved positioning of length of material on roll conveyor and shifting it sidewise for precise alignment. This was achieved by shifting bars, connected to overhead group of chains driven by speed controlled motor for controlled start-stop operation. Bars are then moved by custom designed magnetic conveyor to palletising station. During this stage every second bar is turned 180deg and nested into previous one. This uses permanent holding magnets and number of pneumatic cylinders for switching of magnets and for moving positioning stops. Palletising station is designed to create pack of nested profiles and present it for manual bundling and removal via heavy duty roll conveyor.

Patent applicaton for some design features was under consideration.

My involvement was:

Redesign of security grille production line for higher throughput. (Juralco)

Project involved production line which I designed for Juralco a few years before (while on staff). It is quite a complex system which involved use of pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, number of custom developed chain conveyors and very complex and quite unusual control software. Line was running successfully but Juralco needed a second one and I was asked to help with "touch-up" of documentation. I agreed but after evaluation of requirements and cost effectiveness of this approach I suggested that upgrade of the line will be much easier for following reasons - I did work in my home office and visited Adelaide factory a few times during project. Drawings were sent to Adelaide by e-mail and there was almost daily exchange of ideas and problem solutions by e-mail (we found that it is much more convenient than phone calls). My involvement was:

Packaging machine for rubber gloves. (Invetech)

This project required forming of well controlled pack of medical gloves. Most difficult part was to find out how to recognise correct position of thin rubber glove without artificial intelligence and a huge computing power. Required throughput was also quite high. Resulting machine used number of very simple sub-lines running in parallel. Pneumatics and vacuum was used for most operations and sophisticated PLC software tailored to very fast process was needed for reliable function.

This project become one of The 1996 Victorian Engineering Excellence Awards winners under name of "Automated Layer Packaging of Examination Gloves project".

Main features are currently subject of patent applicaton.

For result see in Invetech Newsletter - "Automation at Ansell International"

My involvement in development of prototype was:

Common points:

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