CAD documentation:

Two enclosed files are compressed sets of drawings for sailing kit, one in *.dxf, the other in *.dc2 (native) format. There is also .wmf conversion available. They are not workshop documentation, rather a collection of drawings and sketches as they were needed during different stages of this project. Apart from dimensional drawing there is a top view of Sevylor inflatable, layout of all parts on 2 sheets of plywood, and even copy of patent drawing (lapsed long ago).

We apologise for low quality of drawings - they were made for our own use only and on top of it the current version of DesignCad is slightly incompatible with ancient version used for original drawings. Please let us know, if you will run into serious troubles, we will try to help. BTW, drawing units were (and should be) in mm.

Translation of formats also made a lot of mess from dimensioning - original dynamic dimensioning of Designcad was seriously affected by conversion to .dxf (and possibly to .wmf)

Please let us know if you will decide to go ahead - next sail number - 02 - may be yours! :-)

last time edited: 26/3/2002