Queensland 2001

A few photos from our short trip 7/4 - 16/4
All photos are linked to 800 pixels wide higher resolution ones.
wing of Boeing 767
Landing at Cairns - humid and rainy. Notice the visible vortex at outer end of the flap

For the next ten days a Matilda from Northern Rentals became our home
Campervan Matild 123
Visit to crocodile farm, just South of Cairns. All photos show estuarine "salt water" crocodile
estuarine salt-water: crocodile
Everglades section was the best

Spoonbill among crocodile pens
Trinity inlet
The crocodile farm is located at Trinity inlet.

Matilda at Mission Beach shopping center
Birds on modern perch (when I aimed objective on them, they moved close together ). 

Tea plantage above Innisfail

Wind farm on Windy Hill at Ravenshoe. Slow moving giants seem to dominate landscape. Would they help environment?
cane toad - in some way worse environmental disaster than rabbit

State Forest, Atherton Tablelands and our Matilda campervan
When we visited Wongabel State Forest - this place -  three years ago - in January - it was full of blinking fire-flies in the night. We have seen only one this time.

Forest bird in grass
Forest bird in grass
This fingernail size frog was sitting on a small leaf in caravan park.

Indirect flash was used for these photos.

Tinaroo dam
Mitchell Lake
Pebbly Beach
Rotary message at Innisfail

Dragonfly at Abbatoir Swamp
Abbatoir Swamp
 Abbatoir Swamp - Banksia
Petr and Marie - evening in campervan Petr and Marie in Matilda

... still adding photos - come back in a few days ...
Last time changed: 16/5/2001